Since beginning my tenure at St. John’s University, I have had the distinct pleasure of working with doctoral students in literacy in Queens and working with New York City Teaching Fellows…some of the best educators in the world!

Over the past 12+ years of teaching at the university level, I have taught a variety of courses in literacy, C&I, and elementary/early childhood (see below for a listing).

Children are never too young to join us in the learning process!

@ St. John’s University

EDU 3215                    Writing Instruction

EDU 3270                   Disciplinary Literacies

EDU 3290                  Writing for Publication in Higher Education

EDU 3291                   Literacy for At-Risk Learners

EDU 3292                   Dissertation Seminar

EDU 3293                   Dissertation Seminar cont.

EDU 7901                   Educational Methodologies and Research III


@Monash University

EDF 1030                   Literacy Learning and the Young Child

EDF 2301                   Multiliteracies: Mediating the World

EDF 3306                   Literacy

EDF 3322                   Inquiry in Professional Practice: Infants and Toddlers

EDF 4121                   Teaching: The Power to Change

EDF 4321                   Health and Wellness in Early Childhood (Singapore)

EDF 5071                   Professional Experience 1

EDF 5072                   Professional Experience 2

EDF 5649                   Language and Literacies across Educational Contexts

EDF 5711                   English, Literacies and Policy Contexts A

EDF 5712                   English, Literacies and Policy Contexts B

EDF 5807                   Theory and Practice of Learning and Teaching


@Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi

READ 3320                Principles and Practices of Reading Instruction (EC-6)

READ 3352                Content Area Reading for the Elementary Student (EC-6)

READ 5322                Fundamentals of Elementary Reading Inst. II (hybrid)

READ 5371/6371     Diagnosis and Correction of Reading Problems

READ 5396/6396     Literacy Research Seminar    

READ 6345                Stages and Standards for Reading Development

READ/EDCI 6390     Writing for Publication in Higher Education


@Valdosta State University 

READ 3500                Teaching Reading and Writing in the Primary Grades

READ 4100                Assessment and Correction of Reading Difficulties

READ 5000                Reading Research and Instruction (online)

READ 6030                Directed Study in Reading (online)

READ 7110                Reading Research and Theory

ECED 3690                Practicum III: Classroom Management and Environmental Design (Grades 1-3)

ECED 4690                Practicum III: Classroom Management and Environmental Design (Grades 3-5)

ECED 4790                Student Teaching Practicum

SPEC  5020               Student Teaching Seminar: Early Childhood & Special Ed


@Louisiana State University

EDCI 3136                 Assessing and Guiding Classroom Reading Instruction

EDCI 3137                 Curriculum Disciplines: Social Studies

EDCI 3200                 Reading, Writing, and Oral Communication in the Elementary School

EDCI 4460                 Classroom Management (assisted in the instruction)

EDCI 7682                 Assessment Techniques and Practicum in Reading (assisted in the instruction)


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